Roll Back the Clock with Collagen Induction + Depigmentation Treatment

Curious about anti-aging, skin rejuvenation? Are you noticing that as you get older sun damage has started to take its toll, your hormones have changed, collagen production slips and your facial skin is losing elasticity and fullness. To add insult to injury, pesky little sun-spots and skin discoloration have started to show up on your […]

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Before/After Hair Restoration treatment

Science of PRP Hair Restoration

Introduction The increasing incidence of hair loss in the general population has led to the evolution of surgical and non-surgical approaches to hair restoration. But the success rate of such interventions and their cost-effectiveness has always been a debate amongst hair loss sufferers. Not to mention the side effects, such as sexual dysfunction and itching, […]

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Excessive sweating can be unpleasant. Affected patients can suffer emotional and physical discomfort. This may result in stigmatization and depression. Emotional sweating particularly affects the palms, soles and occasionally the underarms. As such, this type of sweating typically does not happen during sleep or sedation. Therefore, it may require more targeted intervention. Botox for excessive […]

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