Muscle definition in a man can be achieved with body contouring

Non-surgical body sculpting DC uses a variety of non-invasive techniques to achieve better body definition. These techniques are effective in stimulating collagen production, in addition to shrinking and destroying fat cells. As a result, there is visible reduction in cellulite and a tighter, more toned body. All procedures are minimally invasive with little to no downtime. That is why these techniques can be used alone or in combination to achieve your body contouring goals. We offer a highly effective radio-frequency, ultrasound or laser body sculpting.

What happens at my appointment?

What is the best body sculpting procedure in DC
Low Level Light Therapy
  1. During your first session, pictures and measurements of the problem areas are taken for your records.
  2. Depending on your goals, the first technology may be with low level light therapy which will target, heat and damage fat cells.
  3. Your core body sculpting procedure will either be with Radiofrequency, ultrasound or laser technology.
  4. At the end of your procedure, it is best practice to bring a surgical compression garment with you to wear following your appointment. This will enhance your results.
  5. Drink plenty of water before and after your appointment. This will also enhance your results.
  6. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in between your appointments

Is the body sculpting treatment painful?

  1. There is no discomfort associated with the low level light therapy.
  2. The radio-frequency/Infrared therapy is also quite comfortable. It is akin to a warm therapeutic massage. As a result, most patients find this treatment quite relaxing.
  3. Ultrasound can be uncomfortable with the intensity of heat used to target fat cells, but most people tolerate this without numbing.
  4. Laser technology is comfortable, the device will cycle through hot and cold spells, you should feel a comfortable warmth during treatment.

Will I have a bruise?

  1. There is very minimal redness after your treatment. This may persist for a few hours after treatment. However, most of the redness will resolve within 24 hours.

Any side effects from Body sculpting

  1. All non-invasive body sculpting procedures have a very low complication rate. There is a rare possibility of burn to the skin. However, your treatment settings are adjusted for comfort and none of our patients have experienced burn injuries.

When can I expect results after body sculpting treatment?

  1. Following the treatment there is an immediate skin tightening around the treated areas.
  2. After the 2nd treatment some patients notice visible reduction of the treated areas. Most patients will notice a difference after 1 treatment with ultrasound or laser body sculpting and after 4 treatments with radiofrequency. You will achieve the best results after 3 monthly sessions with laser or ultrasound and after 6-8 weekly sessions with radiofrequency. Results will vary between patients.
  3. The more treatments you receive, the better your results. The improvements continue in between regular treatments. This is a good treatment program to maintain physique in a patient with a healthy lifestyle and a few problem areas.

Customized individual treatment pricing information will vary depending on your goals.

AnewSkin Body Sculpting with various non-invasive technology is a great way to target and treat problem areas. The best technology for your goals will be assessed at your first appointment. Review procedure prices here.