As we age several changes around the eyes can lead to various eye imperfections that will give an “aged” appearance to our face. Improving these imperfections can dramatically enhance a more youthful appearance.

The skin around the eye is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. As a result addressing imperfections in this area requires specialized products and techniques that can safely deliver results.

Eye rejuvenation:

Our professional eye rejuvenation treatment is less invasive than surgery, so you avoid all the associated risks of a surgical procedure. It is also less risky than laser while still delivering powerful results. No fillers are required with this process. A simple 3 step process:

  1. Peri-ocular (Eye area) chemical peel using a chemical peel specially designed for the eye area with the highest safety standards
  2. Specialized microneedling with powerful mesotherapy serums that can target fat deposits, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles
  3. Home care to nourish and protect, while enhancing powerful results.

How Treatments Do I Need?

Some improvements can be seen after just 1 session. A series of 3 sessions every 2 – 4 weeks is ideal for optimal improvements.

When you are ready to transform your eyes, rejuvenate them for a more youthful appearance, schedule your consultation at AnewSkin MedSpa in DC.