Before/After image following laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal almost complete.

Tattoos come in various sizes and colors. Tattoo removal involves laser technology that specifically targets your unique tattoo colors. Pigment (brown or dark spots) removal with laser uses similar laser technology.

How does Tattoo Removal work?

Selective laser targets the color in your tattoo. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the ink particles; this means that the laser pulse is so precise it doesn’t affect the surrounding tissue.  This precise laser energy will blow up the color pigments into tiny particles which are then cleared away by your immune response. Tattoo removal Q-switched machines at AnewSkin Medspa use the 1064nm and 532nm Nd:YAG laser for optimal removal of a broad range of tattoo colors.

How does Pigment removal work?

In the same way that the laser can target colors in a tattoo, it can target black and brown spots. At much lower energy levels, our laser will target and blast problem dark spots and fade them from your skin,

What can I expect during my treatment?

At AnewSkin Medspa our tattoo removal lasers uses a combine photo-thermal and photo-mechanical with an ultra-short pulse width (5-8 nano second adjustable). This results in a less painful, more tolerable treatment and less injury to the skin. The goal is to produce shorter downtime and ultimately a better result for you. The number of treatment will depend on the color, depth and location of your tattoo (or pigment problems). This will be assessed at your first appointment.

Why choose AnewSkin Medspa?

Lasers are class II medical devices, that is why you will never undergo any laser treatment at our medical spa without been reviewed by a physician. Your aesthetic physician will select the right energy level to achieve the optimal results while ensuring optimal safety. All tattoo removals are performed under local anesthetic for improved tolerance and comfort.

How much does treatment cost?

Prices start at $100/session and will vary depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo. Package deals available. Review individual procedure prices here. For the treatment of pigment disorders, please schedule a consultation for more details about pricing and specific treatment.