PRP injection hair restoration


Thinning hair is quite common. It can begin in early life, but is more common after the age of 50. PRP hair restoration is a good option for people with thin hair. It is best to begin treatment early. Once the hair is bald, it is no longer responsive to PRP treatment. This is because the PRP will stimulate dormant thin hair, to “wake-up”. However, if the hair has been dormant for a long time, the result may be less impressive. With completely bald scalp, there are no follicles to stimulate. It is therefore important to address thinning hair early.

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma”. PRP contains growth factors derived from your own blood, that when injected can improve the health of your scalp. There is increased blood flow to the scalp, as a result the hair follicle is better nourished. In addition, growth factors from the PRP will promote the growing phase of the hair follicle. PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin and is thought to result in even more growth factors to promote hair growth. AnewSkin Medspa offers PRP or PRF treatment for hair loss in Washington DC.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Drink plenty of fluids before your appointment. Do not color or chemically treat your hair in the week before your appointment. On the day of you appointment, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo, then towel dry. Do not apply any hair products. Your treatment needs to be performed on clean, dry hair.

What happens at my appointment?

During your prp hair restoration appointment, the area to be treated is marked. Then, numbing cream is applied. Following which your blood is collected. That blood is then separated to the red blood component which is discarded. This leaves the plasma component concentrated with platelets. This PRP is then injected across the affected area with tiny needles. After which red LED light treatment is applied to the scalp to further increase blood supply to the scalp.

Are the Injections Painful?

If you are considering PRP Injections in Washington DC, give us a call. We use the tiniest needles to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your treatment. In addition inhaled Nitrous Oxide “laughing gas” is provide to increase comfort, decrease pain and manage anxiety

What are the side-effects?

There are minimal side effects associated with prp hair restoration. The scalp may be red and feel tight from the volume of PRP injection. Other injection related side effects such as infection are mitigated with an aseptic technique.

When can I expect results?

PRP Hair Restoration

You can begin to see some improvement in about 2 weeks after your second session and this will continue over the next few months. View Gallery

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend on your scalp condition and desired effect. Typically 3-6 treatment sessions are recommended. Each treatment is spaced 4 weeks apart.