Woman with glowing skin from drmaplaning


Dermaplaning is a simple procedure that can make your skin glow.

Dermaplaning is a very effective form of mechanical exfoliation using a surgical blade. This procedure will gently slough off your dead skin cells and fine hair. As a result, your skin texture is smoothed out to reveal more even skin texture and tone. This procedure can be combined with a superficial chemical peel for additional exfoliation.

A Variety of Dermaplaning Services Are Offered:

  1. Standard Dermaplane: Skin is cleansed, dermaplane performed and moisturizer applied at the conclusion of treatment.
  2. Dermaplane facial: skin is cleansed, extractions are performed and a hydrating face mask concludes the treatment.
  3. Dermaplaning with chemical peel: Skin is cleansed and followed with a dermaplane. Then, a superficial chemical peel is applied. LED light treatment is applied following the chemical peel to optimize healing.
  4. Dermaplaning with dermal infusion: combining both treatments for extreme exfoliation and infusion of skin treatment serums.

Additional Benefits:

This procedure can be used as an exfoliating skin preparation for more intense cosmetic procedures. In particular, prior to procedures such as superficial chemical eels or dermal infusion procedures.

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Prices start at $150 and will vary depending on your individual needs. Review individual procedure prices here