Body culpting


Laser lipolysis or “laser Body Sculpting” is a form of non-invasive fat removal treatment. Using the energy from a laser device to precisely target and destroy fat cells, thereby decreasing undesired bulges. At the same time damage to the surrounding skin is minimized with a simultaneous cooling. Over the next few weeks the damaged fat is excreted from the body and visible results can be seen. This procedure has been shown in scientific studies to remove up to 24% in a given area, permanently! In addition, there is a noticeable tissue and skin tightening effect.

What Happens At My Laser Body Sculpting Appointment?

A simple 3 step process:

  1. We assess the areas to be treated, take baseline pictures and mark the area accordingly.
  2. Applicators are applied over the skin to the specified areas
  3. You will feel an alternating warm and cooling sensation for 25 minutes, and done!

What Are The Side Effects of Laser Body Sculpting?

Very minimal side effects. This procedure is well tolerated. You might feel a little warmth and tingling during treatment. There is no downtime and you can go about your daily activities after treatment. The area might be a little sore similar to what you would experience after a workout. No vacuum device is used, so there are no bruises or long-term nerve injury. This is not a surgical procedure, so there is no risk of wound infection.

What Areas Can be Treated?

Any areas with excess bulge under the skin can safely be treated with laser lipolysis. Since the applicator does not require suction it can be applied to most areas. This includes smaller fat pockets in the abdomen, thighs, back, chest, chin, etc. This procedure is not a weight loss treatment. The ideal patient has a BMI f less than 30, has a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, but struggles will some problem areas and undesirable bulges.

When Can I Expect Results?

Visible results will be noticed once the fat cells are excreted from the body. This can be as early as 2 weeks, but typically after 6-12 weeks.

How Many Sessions of Laser Lipolysis Are Required?

For some people, just one treatment might produce the desired results. Others may require a series of 2-4 treatments to enhance results in problem areas.

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