woman with glowing skin from laser skin resurfacing

Laser therapy for skin resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure that uses laser energy to repair and regenerate damaged skin. This kind of procedure can:

  1. Promote collagen production therefore reducing wrinkle and scarring
  2. Improve DNA production to promote healing
  3. Improve skin circulation resulting in radiant skin.
  4. Reduce inflammation especially helpful in skin conditions like melasma
  5. Improve immune response


illustration of laser treatment
Laser Skin Resurfacing

We employ different types of lasers and techniques to achieve your goals.

A. Laser Toning:

The goal of this treatment is to even out skin tone and treat redness and hyperpigmentation. Specific laser wavelengths can target and destroy areas of redness and brown spots for an even skin tone. This laser will work on the surface of the skin in the areas of skin discoloration. Laser is more powerful than light based treatments such as IPL. In addition, specific wavelengths can be targeted making it safe for all skin types.

B. Laser Pore Reduction:

The goal of this treatment is to target the deeper dermal layer of the skin using laser energy. This will stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin and shrink pore sizes.

What happens during my appointment?

We cleanse your skin. Then, the appropriate laser and energy setting for your skin type is selected. Then, the laser is passed across the surface of your skin several times. Cold air is applied in the same area as the laser to allow for a comfortable experience.

What are the side effects?

You may experience some redness at the treatment site. This usually lasts a couple of hours, but could be up to 3 days.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions will depend on the severity of your skin condition. Typically 3- 6 sessions are recommended every 2-4 weeks. Following which, maintenance sessions are continued every month.

When can I expect results?

A few days after laser toning, you should begin to see dark and red spots fading. After a week of pore tightening session, you should start to see improvement in the surface of your skin as it begins to tighten.