Roll Back the Clock with Collagen Induction + Depigmentation Treatment

Curious about anti-aging, skin rejuvenation? Are you noticing that as you get older sun damage has started to take its toll, your hormones have changed, collagen production slips and your facial skin is losing elasticity and fullness. To add insult to injury, pesky little sun-spots and skin discoloration have started to show up on your skin. Do not panic. There is a professional treatment that can target and treat collagen loss, while simultaneously getting rid of dark spots on your skin. When you are read for the ultimate skin rejuvenation, allow us to introduce a great companion: 

Microneedling with Depigmentation:

There are very few treatments that can address these 2 distressing aging signs better than microneedling with depigmentation skin treatments.  Microneedling is one of the most effective ways of inducing collagen production. By creating tiny micro-injuries across the skin, this forces the skin to increase collagen production for a lifted, tighter skin. The effects continues to improve over time. Expertly applying a sterile, powerful depigmentation solution to the outer layers of the skin effectively treats skin hyperpigmentation and sun-spots. Typical facial treatments can’t adequately address these issues.

Choose your Medspa or aesthetic Clinic Carefully:

When combining skin depigmentation treatment with microneedling, it is extremely important that you get this done at a physician’s office. Physicians are trained in sterile procedures and surgery, and when applying skin lightening solutions to the skin, it is important that a sterile formulation is used in the appropriate manner.

When you are ready for an effective anti-aging skin rejuvenation procedure, visit us at AnewSkin Medspa in DC.

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