Vampire face-lift

Vampire Face-lift

Aging takes a toll on a person’s physical appearance, especially on the skin, which can begin to sag as the years advance. These changes are most prominently visible on the face where the firmness of the skin disappear and uninvited wrinkles settle in.

This is where the Vampire facelift comes into play, a relatively popular procedure that is gaining much fame these days. The reason for such attention lies not only to its fancy Hollywood kind of name but also in the satisfying aesthetic results it produces.

Sadly Vampire facelift may not give you the diamond-like sparkle in the sunlight, immortality or fast reflexes like Edward Cullen. However, it definitely promises to leave you with a smoother, healthier, and seemingly unaging skin that is commonly portrayed in most vampire movies.

What is vampire facelift?

This nonsurgical procedure gets its name due to the fact that actual blood-derived products are employed to help remove wrinkles and to restore the youthful glow to the skin. Vampire facelift also reinstates volume in places where the facial skin is sunken such as under-eye hollows and other thin-skinned spots. It is also known to be effective against acne and surgical scars as it breaks down the scar tissue and initiates cellular repair.

Vampire facelift is an ideal procedure for individuals who are scared of going under the knife, as unlike a conventional surgical facelift it requires little to no use of anesthesia, incision over the skin, or a long recovery period.

Vampire Face-lift Procedure:

The two basic steps that a person undergoes during a vampire facelift include:

1. Sampling of blood to extract PRP. In this step about 30ml or two tablespoon blood is drawn from the patient’s arm that is then centrifuged to obtain the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP acts as a growth factor and initiates healing when applied over scarred or damaged skin. It does this by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis and increasing blood flow at the applied site that ultimately rejuvenates the skin.

2. Injecting PRP: the extracted PRP is then cautiously injected via a microneedle on the sites where firmer and fresher skin is desired. Usually, the selected site is overfilled, as much of the product is reabsorbed by the body. The presence of the PRP also combats the inflammation faster than the traditional micro-needling, therefore it is thought to be superior to the later by many professionals.


Patients undergoing a vampire face-lift can immediately notice some visible changes, but the maximum result appears over the period of a month as the healing triggered by the plasma rapidly cleanses and repairs the skin at a cellular level. These cosmetic results usually last up to 15-18 months

As the blood is drawn from the same individual, and contains no toxins or added artificial fillers the chances of developing an allergic reaction are virtually non-existent.

The common side effect reported in some cases includes temporary mild irritation, itching, bruising, swelling, and discoloration at the injection site post-procedure.

The aftercare of a vampire face-lift is also simple and includes gentle cleansing and moisturizing after a day. The patient can resume their regular skin routine one-week post-face-lift.

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