Injection lipolysis

Are your strict dieting and heavy gym sessions unable to help you lose excess fat? Or are you looking for an effective way that can help you get rid of unwanted fat? Well, the good news is, you are exactly at the right place to learn about such a solution.

Let us introduce you to a fairly popular procedure, Injection lipolysis or in layman language; anti-fat injections, that can give you the aesthetically pleasing results you are looking for.

To simplify the term lipolysis, it means breaking or destroying fat cells. Here special chemical preparations such as phosphatidylcholine (PPC) aka soy lecithin and deoxycholate (DC), are injected directly via microinjections in areas where fat destruction is desired. Injection lipolysis is commonly employed to treat conditions such as double chin, thunder thighs, or a small amount of fat that accumulates on the belly, or lower back, etc. It can also be used as an adjunct therapy after liposuction to remove uneven areas after surgery.

Rather than being labeled as weight loss therapy, it is regarded as a cosmetic procedure that gently contours the shape of the body without leaving a surgical scar.

Who are good candidates for injection lipolysis?

It is a non-surgically procedure best suited for individuals who do not prefer an invasive approach with general anesthesia. Individuals who need contouring and tightening on various body parts where excess fat resides make good candidates for injection lipolysis. Such as double chin, sagging cheeks, breast contouring, fat deposits at the rib margin and isolated fat deposits on lower abdomen, hips, and back.

Injection lipolysis is also offered to treat benign fat tumors aka lipomas in some patients. 

Patients with moderate BMI get maximum benefits from this process. However, Patients with loose or poor skin tone do not achieve much satisfactory results and are generally not recommended for injection lipolysis. The procedure is also contraindicated in pregnant, breastfeeding females, diabetic and allergic to preparation patients, and children.


After the administration of local anesthesia, an accurate amount of lipolysis chemical is cautiously administered in the subcutaneous fat. The chemicals injected cause necrosis of fat tissue due to their toxic nature. This destroyed fat is then taken up by the lymphatic system of the body.


Immediately after the procedure, the patient may experience slight bruising, pain, swelling, and hardness over the site treated. These complaints gradually disappear over a few days and complete results of fat reduction are visible after 8 weeks. The results achieved via injection lipolysis are generally permanent unless the patient gains more weight. Even then the fat accumulates rather slowly in treated areas in comparison to other non-treated sites.  

The patients can repeat the procedure or have another sitting within 4-6 weeks after the first. Generally, two or more sittings are required for satisfactory results.

Injection lipolysis is a relatively safe procedure that has rarely any serious complications reported such as nerve injury, difficulty in swallowing post-procedure or mycobacterium skin infections.  A very small percentage of patients do not observe any change via this therapy and are therefore called the non-responders.

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