Holistic Approach to Skin Care: Hydration and Cleansers

Understanding skin structure and biology is key to selecting the most appropriate skin products that will best enhance your natural skin glow.


The outermost layer of the skin is the Stratum Corneum. On top of this site the ultra-thin moist layer comprised of a mixture of sweat and sebum. This is the famous acid mantle with a pH between 4 and 5.5, which means it is mildly acidic. The pH of the skin can change within small limits depending on the amount and quality of our sweat, which in turn relates to how much we drink.  The first step in achieving a glowing skin complexion is to drink plenty of fluids.

The beneficial acid mantle serves as a barrier to protect the underlying stratum corneum. Many of the soaps and cleansers we use on our face can disrupt this mantle and begin the process of damaging the underlying skin. Alkaline cleansers are the most notorious for stripping away this protective fat layer. However, even so called “pH balanced cleansers” can contain powerful detergents that can also strip away this protective layer. Your skin care should begin with a gentle skin cleanser like our mild chamomile cleanser with multiple botanicals and algae peptides that is gentle on the skin.

Remember that your skin is unique, while harsh detergents do not benefit a healthy skin, it might be difficult to know how well preserved your skin’s acid mantle is without a full examination of your skin under fluorescent light. This can identify skin areas with excessive sebum, inflamed sebum, versus altered pH sebum.  A scientific approach to your skin problems can help you achieve your skincare goals while minimizing skin irritation.

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