Skinny skincare

Korean skin care regimens are well respected across the world, so much so that many have adopted the elaborate 10 step skin care routine. In some people such an elaborate routine can sometimes lead to an angry, irritated skin. In recent times there has been a gradual shift towards a “skinny skincare” regimen using highly effective skin products. The Korean “Skin-Care Diet” involves a simplified regimen of cleanser moisturizer and SPF. Carefully selecting highly effective skin care products can help you adopt a skinny skincare, yet still achieve your goal of healthy, glowing skin. Carefully select a gentle cleanser with calming, effective ingredients like green tea.
Green tea contains polyphenols called catechins which are potent antioxidants but also have anti inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. The green tea needs to be in sufficient quantities to be effective. A moisturizer with an ingredient such as niacinamide which can stabilize the skin barrier and improve the moisture contents, while also improving the skin structure to smoothen out wrinkles and calm irritation. A topical retinol at night is an effective anti-aging adjunct to a complete skincare regimen. Finally, using sunscreen daily is important to prevent UV photo damage. Choosing a trusted skincare line that uses high quality ingredients delivered to the skin is key. Every day there are new innovative technologies to optimize skin product absorption and make, so stay informed.

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