After a medical cosmetic skin treatment, it is important to create an optimal environment for wound healing by utilizing a comprehensive set of skincare products designed to achieve maximal benefit from the procedure. These skincare products should decrease inflammation, decrease the potential complications from the procedure while also nourishing the skin to optimize the results from the procedure and reveal a healthy skin glow.

There are 4 major categories of skincare products that are the building blocks of good skin health and recovery:

REPAIR: This is the first step in building the optimal environment for wound healing after a medical cosmetic procedure. The products in this category are designed to decrease inflammation, while helping to heal and soothe the skin. This will ensure that potential complications such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring are avoided.

REMEDY: It is important to incorporate skin products that remedy the underlying skin condition. After a diagnostic skin analysis, these products are designed to target the problematic skin conditions. These include products to improve collagen production and address fine lines and wrinkles, other products to address hyperpigmentation and acne.

RESTORE: Many medical cosmetic procedures can strip the outer layers of the skin, and with that the hydrolipid layer of the skin. This will leave skin susceptible to environmental and skin product irritation that will not only prevent appropriate healing but will make the skin intolerant of nutritious skin remedies and result in itchy, sensitive skin.

PROTECT: The sun causes the most damage to the skin, and photoaging is accelerated in skin that is not protected from the sun. A vital part of a skin care regimen is SPF, this is particularly true after a medical cosmetic treatment. Sun block with SPF 30+ should be used daily, and prolonged sun exposure should be avoided in the early days following a medical cosmetic procedure.

In the next few weeks we will go into more details on each of these essential building blocks and some examples of skincare products that can help create a comprehensive healing and nourishing environment for your skin.

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