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Summer to Winter Chemical Peels

As we move out of summer and into the cooler months, you may consider doing a chemical peel to give your skin a reset. After the hot summer months, it is common to notice dryness and hyperpigmentation that comes from all the sun exposure. Chemical peels are an amazing facial treatment that help to improve signs of damage by buffing away dead cells to reveal a softer, smoother dermal layer. When it comes to chemical peels, there are many great options to choose from depending on your skin concerns.


Cosmelan MD by mesoestetic is a prescription treatment for benign skin discolorations. This includes, dark spots and pigmentation of the face, such as melasma. It works to improve the color, texture, tone, and tightness of the skin. This is a safer alternative to optical lasers and IPL systems that could potentially darken the skin, especially with darker skinned individuals.

VI Peel

VI peel helps many conditions such as acne, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, texture, and signs of aging. VI peel is suitable for all skin types including darker skin tones. This peel performs best in series of threes and it’s the perfect post summer peel to treat sun spots.

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