Milia: Causes & Treatment

You’ve probably experienced whiteheads, blackheads or pimples at some stage, but if you find little white bumps on your face, it might be a totally different thing. Milia are tiny, painless white lumps that can pop up on the nose, cheeks or around the eyes. They can’t be treated like a whitehead and definitely shouldn’t be popped.

What is milia?

Typically found on the face, a milium cyst looks like a small, white bump. It can feel like there’s a hard white core or seed under the skin. Multiple cysts are called milia. They are filled with keratin, which is a protein found in skin tissue, hair and nail cells.

How do you know if you have milia?

Before you’re tempted to squeeze them, consult with an AnewSkin MedSpa Clinical Specialist who will be able to identify the bumps for you and advise a treatment plan.

Who can get milia?

Milia can appear on anyone, regardless of age, skin type or gender. It commonly appears on babies, who tend to be more susceptible to milia however they do not require treatment at this age.

What causes milia?

Milia can be caused by a build up of dead skin cells, makeup or skincare products in the pores of the skin. Sometimes it’s triggered by an infection or bad sunburn. Often, milia will occur along with other skin conditions such as rosacea.

How to treat milia?

Unlike a pimple, milia don’t have an opening on the skin’s surface so they can’t be squeezed or popped. Scarring and skin damage can occur if you try, especially around the delicate eye area, so it’s best to leave this to the professionals. In many cases, milia will clear up upon their own after a few weeks or months. However, if the condition continues, we recommend visiting one of our qualified clinical specialist who can assist with extraction.

To remove milia, a dermal technician will make a tiny incision using sterilized equipment such as a micro lance needle and comedone extractor. The blockage is then extracted quickly and painlessly.

Can you prevent Milia?

You can! There are several simple steps you can take to prevent this skin condition. The best way to prevent milia is by regular exfoliation using products with ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). Our Beta Enzyme Cleanser contains salicylic acid and is ideal for removing dead skill cell build up.

For a deeper exfoliation, a High-Performance Hydro-dermabrasion with the diamond glow is a fantastic way to clear dead skin cells and congestion. Talk to your dermal technician about whether this treatment might be suitable for your skin.

If milia is bothering you, book a free skin assessment with one of our friendly clinical specialists at AnewSkin MedSpa and let us help you get your skin looking its best.