5 Things you need to know about micro-needling

Let’ face it – we all want youthful, clear and radiant skin. Unfortunately, most of us struggle daily with common skin concerns, some more than others, which can really impact our self-confidence. Micro-needling is one of the best overall skin treatments that can help reduce scarring, blackheads, open pores, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and more. Often […]

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Dermal Infusion device

Everything you should know about Dermal Infusion or Diamond Glow

Derma Infusion now known as “Diamond Glow” is a non-invasive way to deep exfoliate the skin and simultaneously infuses a targeted serum depending on your skin concerns. Exfoliation is achieved with a recessed diamond-tipped hand-piece and simultaneous hydrating solution and thus, there is less irritation and pain. This procedure is associated with minimal to no […]

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Dark underarms, and how to improve them

Most common causes of dark underarms:  Prolonged sun exposure. Trauma due to hair removal from shaving or waxes that irritate the skin. Transpiration, humidity, and constant friction in the area. Some deodorants, perfumes, and other chemicals can generate inflammatory reactions in the armpits with residual dark pigmentation. There may be an individual propensity for increased […]

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