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Image of peeling skin after a chemical peel

Chemical Peels:

Overview The application of chemical peels to improve the condition of your skin is a simple, yet highly effective way to achieve renewed, glowing skin. Chemical peeling remains quite popular in the cosmetic skin industry. It is a technique that improves and enhances the smoothness of the skin using various acids. Most chemical peels are […]

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Skin exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin from the outermost layer of the skin. As a result, newer skin is revealed and this process represents an important skin care routine for healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliation also increases blood flow for a healthy skin complexion. Different skin conditions will benefit from routine skin exfoliation. Skin […]

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After a medical cosmetic skin treatment, it is important to create an optimal environment for wound healing by utilizing a comprehensive set of skincare products designed to achieve maximal benefit from the procedure. These skincare products should decrease inflammation, decrease the potential complications from the procedure while also nourishing the skin to optimize the results […]

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