Skin exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin from the outermost layer of the skin. As a result, newer skin is revealed and this process represents an important skin care routine for healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliation also increases blood flow for a healthy skin complexion.

Different skin conditions will benefit from routine skin exfoliation. Skin that is blemish prone with blocked pores will benefit from exfoliation to remove dead skin and release congested pores. Problematic skin with hyperpigmentation will benefit from the skin renewal that is associated with exfoliation and removal of dry, hyperpigmented skin. Aging skin will also benefit from skin renewal and softening of fine lines that can be skin with regular skin exfoliation.

Skin exfoliation is 2 folds, a gentle once or twice weekly skin exfoliating regimen in addition to more advanced aesthetic skin exfoliation.


Avoid harsh or abrasive methods of routine skin exfoliation that can irritate the skin and result in worsening of your skin condition. Instead stick to gentle skin exfoliation using beta enzymes. This is a gentle way to incorporate exfoliation into your home regimen. Check out our beta enzyme cleanser that is designed to do just that:

Gentle Beta Enzyme Cleanser


There are various highly effective ways to exfoliate your skin with an in-office procedure that is designed to renew your skin for a healthy glow. These procedures have minimal to no downtime and should be performed once a month for optimal skin health.


Dermaplaning is an extremely effective form of mechanical exfoliation using a surgical blade. This procedure will gently slough off your dead skin cells and fine hair. As a result, your skin texture is smoothed out to reveal more even skin texture and tone:

Dermaplaning with removal of the outermost layer of dead skin

Dermal Infusion:

A Dermal Infusion procedure will deeply clean and exfoliate your skin for a healthy glow. Our Dermal Infusion device by Envy Medical will combine intense, noninvasive exfoliation with the infusion of highly individualized skin nourishing, vitamin-rich serums. Therefore, you skin health is improved and your skin is revitalized.

Dermal Infusion facial at AnewSkin Medspa utilizes mechanical exfoliation without crystals or chemicals to remove the outermost layer of dead skin. In addition, we will simultaneous infuse individualized serums to treat specific skin concerns. Skin with problematic hyperpigmentation, acne, photodamage, premature aging and dehydration is adequately treated. Exfoliation is achieved with a hydrating solution, diamond tip device instead of crystals and thus, there is less irritation, pain and downtime.

Dermal Infusion Procedure with nourishing serums.

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