Are You Ready For Fuller Lips?

In recent months, soft, plump, healthy lips have become a highly sought-after facial feature. In fact, in a study coordinated by Allergan, “21% of women who received dermal filler in 2016 did so in their lips.”1 Dozens of makeup and skin care brands offer lip plumpers and lip enhancers designed to soften and volumize your pout with just a swipe. There’s also been an increase in the popularity of lip injections and augmentations in recent years.

Read on for everything we’ve learned about how lip plumpers work, tips for getting quick one-off results versus long-term steps you can take, plus some interesting stats from skin care brand SkinMedica, who has developed a new product based on their own studies.

First, we had to know: Where did this trend toward fuller lips come from?

While certain social media queens can take some of the credit, the desire for full lips is rooted in psychology. Studies like “Strategies of Human Mating” reveal that humans find females to be most physically attractive when their appearance signifies health, fertility and reproductive value. Essentially, women who look healthy and youthful—with “full lips, smooth skin and lustrous hair”—are often seen as the most appealing.

Of course, beauty is subjective; not everyone is attracted to full lips, and not everyone wants them. But if full lips will give you the look and confidence you want, here are some of the different ways to get there (arranged from quick fixes to longer-lasting results).

1. Fake it with makeup

If you just want to plump your lips for a day or night, you can instantly create a fuller, more defined look with a makeup trick or two. Here are some of the techniques beauty experts swear by:

  • Exfoliate your lips before applying lip products. This helps boost blood flow to your lips and removes dead skin that could be making your lips look dull and unhealthy.
  • Add a dab of highlighter or concealer on your cupid’s bow (the indent above your top lip) to make your lips appear fuller. Take it a step further with a bit of bronzer under the center of your bottom lip to add depth and contrast. (Be sure to blend!)
  • Top your lipstick with a touch of lip gloss (just in the center). It will help create the illusion of a fuller pout.
  • Get familiar with lip liner. You can use lip liner to slightly overline your lips for a subtle volume boost. Lip liner is also great for contouring your lips. Choose a color that’s a shade darker than the lipstick you plan to wear to enhance the final result.

2. Lip Fillers:

If you are interested in a more substantial enhancement, dermal fillers might be right for you. Using hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm Volbella or restylane, your lips can be subtly plumped in a way that appears natural. We suggest starting slowly with 1 syringe, then additional syringes can be added a couple of weeks later if you desire more volume.

Book an appointment today and see if fuller lips will give you that pout you are searching for!

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